The Space Elevator is Back, and Certain to Effectively Work Below Budget

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The proof a space elevator works is now addressed at Whereas it had been long believed a space cable, regardless of how strong and light-weight, will snap as gravity fights centrifugal force for any 60,000 mile long cable, a hose which has a spiral-helix of multi-walled carbon nanotubes is particularly elastic, maximum specific strength for reducing payloads (only a couple dozen rocket missions must complete mission with one hose) and could be thickened at the center of mass to get over breaking where it's always most vulnerable, potentially only 100 times the diameter at ground level (1 meter versus 1 cm) with hydrogen and oxygen from electrolysis useful for rocket propellant at the end of hose in rare cases where computer sensors click here indicate hose can be too tight and break without backup. Spinning wheels at the end of the hose can be used counterweights and could reduce total hose length 20,000 miles, be part of space stations that simulate gravity through centrifugal force, finally, they accelerate throughout their spins and cause torque pulling hose inward, operated by solar panel.

This is our debut so you have got a one-time only chance to be on the board of directors absolutely free, many ideas on how to use stock, joint venture capital money, etc., for which would be the highest return on your investment throughout history. You can deliver cargo on the elevator at $100/pound versus $11,000/pound for rockets, even though using private jet propulsion firms. Be a space tourist or take part in any one of the other necessary interplanetary rendezvous with something a whole lot safer as opposed to the 19,000 mph required from rockets to leave Earth. has many suggestions for space craft which will approach light speeds. With Jim Wood’s challenge, as being a theoretical physicist, towards answer to exploiting exotic matter, testing will get started with spacecraft employs high general relativity space-time warps, dual fast spinning micro-singularities, the Mach-Woodward effect, more. is critical read!

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